CODAGE PARIS Seasonal Triptyque

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CODAGE is revolutionizing the world of beauty by creating TRIPTYQUE, a set of travel-sized serums that adapts itself to the needs of each skin. The SEASONAL TRIPTYQUE is composed with 3 CODAGE Special Editions Serums available in 10ml, a quantity that represents at least 1 month of use per product for a twice daily application, morning and night.This set of serums responds to seasonal skin concerns for the coming year.

All CODAGE serums can be combined and mixed together (mixing, zoning and/or layering) according to the "Mix & Match" concept, to respond to your skin’s primary and occasional needs related to the constant changes of modern life. Change serums every day, according to your needs, or mix them together for 100% adapted skincare and a moisturized, radiant and protected skin all year long!

CODAGE has assembled in the SEASONAL TRIPTYQUE the following Special Editions Serums:

• SERUM OH MY COLD - Extreme Cold Moisturizing

• SERUM SUMMER TIME - Summer Protection & Comfort

• SERUM FALL IN LOVE - Correcting & Revitalizating

Take advantage of the TRIPTYQUE exceptional offer: for 2 serums bought, the third one (here, SERUM OH MY COLD) is OFFERED!

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